Around the Bend

by Jay Cuthrell
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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend (2009)

Note: This issue marks a successful migration from Revue (Twitter) to Substack.

Getting Informed

First, you might recall my shot and chaser format from prior issues. Essentially, I call back to a prior reference in an issue with a current link to how the prediction or topic turned out in the market.

Shot: Cheap as Chips (December 2021)

One of my predictions was our pandemic related so-called “chip crisis” would ultimately lead to a future state of increased supply of drastically lower price chips in far more devices and use cases. So, as of last week, the future is already starting to look closer than I imagined.

Shot: Cheap as Chips (December 2021)Source:

Chaser: Chip Crisis Easing (June 2022)

The global semiconductor shortage that’s bogged down the auto industry for almost two years is showing signs of easing, at least for now.

Chaser: Chip Crisis Easing (June 2022)Source:

Shot: @jaycuthrell on web5 (Nov 2021)

There's always a tweet...There’s always a tweet… (or, an archived one in this case)

Web 0: first-tinker advantage
Web 1: first-commerce advantage
Web 2: first-marketer advantage
Web 3: first-feudal barrons advantage <– we are hereWeb 4: first-geopolitical domination advantage
Web 5: first-idealogical unification advantage

BTW… I linked to this: 🧐

Chaser: @jack on web5 (June 2022)

[Twitter avatar for @jackjack @jackthis will likely be our most important contribution to the internet. proud of the team. #web5

(RIP web3 VCs 🤫) Twitter avatar for @TBD54566975TBD @TBD54566975Web5: An extra decentralized web platform]([5:35 PM ∙ Jun 10, 2022


I’ll stay forever with you 🎶**

While this next shot and chaser is not a part of my newsletter history, I couldn’t help but notice that the future got here faster than I personally thought. Indeed, I remember buying engraved 📱 devices as loving mementos just over a decade ago and in the years since.

Shot: iPod Touch Ad (2009)

The song ‘Around the Bend’ by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour appeared as the backing track for the iPod Touch commercials that became so iconic as Apple began to explore the adjacencies in their growing handheld device market.

Shot: iPod Touch Ad (2009)Source:

Chaser: iPod Touch nadir (2022)

Apple discontinues the iPod touch, leaving the device on sale “while supplies last” and ending the product line after debuting the original iPod in October 2001.

Chaser: iPod Touch nadir (2022)Source:


And speaking of staying forever… farewell to Revue… and hello (for now) to Substack.

It appears that Substack will happily digest things from Revue via RSS full feed import but… I’m just learning this now and expect there are caveats.

For example… I had multiple “null” import results which required deleting and running import again. The “null” requiring a manual delete step is probably due to a considerate no-clobbering feature for overwriting a successful slug even if it is empty.

I’ll have to dig into the /issues/ vs. /p/ URI difference implications but I like that the slug looks so similar and that Substack appears to be doing the HTTP redirect so that /issues/ and /p/ are resolved automatically.

Also, each of my YouTube links for song inclusions as the inspiration for an issue appear to get malformed in the migration. So, I’ll be doing 40+ manual edits or so but in the meantime, I’ve created a playlist which I’ll update along the way:

Planning ahead, I’m going to go belt (mirroring) and suspenders (substack) for a while and start reading up on self-hosted options (again). I mean, if Substack experiences a change in control too, I’d much prefer to avoid this research topic again.

We shall see… but so far so good if you are reading this issue. 1

If you have ever been exposed to VMware… this worth listening to.

The CTO AdvisorAdvice for VMware Customers, Employees, and CustomersI’ve been outspoken. I don’t believe the VMware merger is good for customers and employees. But there is some good coming out of the union. Unfortunately, we are witnessing an end of an era for VMware. That is a sad thing indeed. However, we in technology embrace change and make the best of change…Read more6 months ago · Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor)If you want to imagine a post Summit FinOps experience this is worth a read…

Data OperationsMulti-player spreadsheets are awfulRead more6 months ago · Greg MeyerAnd this one from M.G. Siegler you can take… to the bank.

Just for fun

I’ve been noodling again in the home studio. Riffs and jingles as always.

Publishing from GarageBand directly to SoundCloud helps keep the earworm at bay.


I am linking to my disclosure.

1I’m not yet confident with use of footnotes on Substack. I’ll try using them in future issues.


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