Converged Thoughts Eleven

by Jay Cuthrell
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Terminal Multiplex & Emoji in Space

I tried to use ProductHunt in this post. It didn’t go as planned.

I’ll dredge up a tweet from my old Twitter handle circa 2013. It’s all about convergence. Let’s get started…

Living the dream... circa 2013Living the dream… circa 2013

Sending Out an SOS

4 years ago at SxSW there was a moment when things just seemed to fit together and “just work”. I was fully mobile. I was able to publish. I had just finished a great meal. I was being transported on reclaimed grease from a fried seafood joint.

The convergence of shell account access over mobile broadband network to publish a flat file format that would be rendered by another service into a “pretty” website was really quite a feat. It seemed like magic.

Let’s look at the piece parts that came together. I’ll take time to explore why each part matters. However, the real magic will be when all of these parts converge in the future of a single experience.



I’m not pleased with ProductHunt inclusion. 😐 So, I’ll also link a YouTube video.

Mosh: An Interactive Remote Shell for Mobile Clients - YouTube

Mosh helps with flaky Internet connections. It’s best pairing is with tmux.

Sadly, tmux has not been deemed worthy enough to be on ProductHunt. That’s a shame. Mosh and tmux are like peanut butter and jelly.

Is mosh as mature/secure/vetted/etc. as ssh? Perhaps not but perhaps for my purpose and with an eye to the future there will be parity or better.



Github Pages


Again, I’m not pleased with ProductHunt inclusion. 😐 So, I’ll also link directly.

GitHub Pages - Websites for you and your projects, hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.


GitHub Page is how I’ve been powering my personal blog since 2014. I’ve mentioned this previously in the digest but getting the right workflow was important. Even though I don’t blog personally as much as I thought I would, the tools and processes are in place.

Sometimes I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to a service like Medium for my blogging needs. Then I am reminded that having your own code repository is a bit more survivable. I hope Medium survives but it is clear that their model will have to change or revert back to their core mission.

Renewing Medium’s focus – 3 min read


Perhaps the notion of a blog post will become as formalized and quaint as the handwritten note. Until that day comes, I expect that convergence will take place as physical gesture on mobile devices gives rise to a communication method. This will be published with treatment given to the wishes of the publisher and honored by the service that distributes or otherwise assists with the sharing of that content.

Parting Thoughts

My other theory of convergence in how we communicate might sound odd but, perhaps we will eventually move (back?) towards glyph based online communication. More emoji!

We've come a long way since grunting... or have we?We’ve come a long way since grunting… or have we?

Then again, I didn’t take formal courses of study in anthropology or linguistics so I could be full of hops… but even Star Trek: The Next Generation dabbled in that idea of dense metaphor references as a communication shorthand.

Darmok (episode) | Memory Alpha | Fandom powered by Wikia


Convergence in languages and communication is also ready to connect head on with convergence in AI and ML as form factors change for modern computing. Just think about when a credit card sized computer is considered an ancient relic from a bygone era and your daily disposable recyclable cochlear implants have many many times their capability.

Intel Unveils Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform


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