Fudge Sunday - And the way that gravity pulls on everyone

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedA song, lyric, and tweets to connect it back to the edge, core, and cloud.

This issue is part 1 of a 5 part series

  1. Fudge Sunday - And the way that gravity pulls on everyone
  2. Fudge Sunday - And All Points In Between
  3. Fudge Sunday - All Along the Watchtower
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And the way that gravity pulls on everyone

Embrace - Gravity (Official HD Video)Embrace - Gravity (Official HD Video)

Karl the Fog

A bit about Karl


Sorry, Karl the Fog. Marketing is hard.

Edge computing was once referred to as fog computing. Fog conveys and conjures imagery by way of an analogy to lower distanced cloud computing hovering much closer to the fertile data soil below it.

Hey, at least you got a book out of it, Karl the Fog.

But what about edge, core, and cloud that all the pundits describe?

Edge, for example, is more about things at the proverbial edge of the network. Edge is called edge due to the marketing, rhetoric, and punditry around everything that’s considered to be 5G or an Internet of (all the) Things.

Core, on the other hand, is the traditional data center world. Most likely the marketers of core routers wanted to squeeze out that last marketing dollar. Yet, a private cloud can exist in the core too. Again, marketing is hard.

Cloud, while a simple word, is the notion that hyperscale cloud service providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI, IBM, AliCloud, and perhaps others are what represents the public cloud or just Cloud or The Cloud for short. Perhaps, marketing ran out of ink?

But is it really as simple as three places?

Or are these places at all?

The thing about heavy things…

Do the new descriptions of workloads, workflows, and commensurate value operating models demystify the marketing wordplay?

The thing about capital C version Cloud is that it represents a significant amount of data gravity. Data gravity poses challenges to the ease of portability of large growing data being processed.

And those data gravity challenges are contrary to the agility that is associated with cloud consumption patterns. So as data grows there would seem to be ever growing challenges.

Indeed, the very notion of needing to move data from edge to core to cloud seems to be worth examining. As such, the IT industry as a whole must seek to better understand and apply commensurate value operating models that rationally approach how data will be consumed and processed.

Tweets for the road…

Jay Cuthrell


What is Data Gravity? Watch this video from @factioninc for a quick summary in under 30 seconds: https://t.co/0aLKqRsNTs #datagravity #multicloud

5:15 PM - 29 Jun 2021

What Is Data Gravity?

Adopting one or more clouds might make sense for your business needs, but does it make sense for your data? Let’s dive in.


Jay Cuthrell


Seeing @CashApp appear on more verified accounts that are likely Supper Follower sized.

The platform is evolving beyond suggested user list (SUL) to suggested patronage list (SPL).

The tipping point will be when throwing crypto in the tip jar is normalized and democratized.

11:48 AM - 4 Jul 2021

Jay Cuthrell


Considering the new form factors in the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) market, moving into shallows and tidal flat characterization seems like the logical movement for open data grants tracking variation in currents beyond commercial closed data source applications.

12:23 PM - 4 Jul 2021


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