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Start the week more informedThis week we look at the impact and growth of fiber-optic connectivity.

🎶 i want all of what i did't have 🎶  Low - More (Official Video)🎶 i want all of what i did’t have 🎶 Low - More (Official Video)

Getting Informed

The year was 2010. I had an iPhone.

I was speaking on a panel at an OPASTCO event and tried livestreaming then resorted to using Qik. A 10 second video clip was posted of the livestream to Posterous which automatically sent a Tweet using its URL shortener to fit into 140 characters.

I was trying to live in the future. However, AT&T had me living in the past.

To say that AT&T was not keeping up with the demand of 3G would be a bit of a euphemism. Of course, it wasn’t just me taking notice during those early days of iPhone marketing success.

ping time = 🤣ping time = 🤣

While network capacity engineering for mobile is always challenging, AT&T had to catch up with the 2009 era demand for data of iPhone users in 2010. So, coincidentally, later the same week as I spoke and struggled to share a video, AT&T committed ~$20B to triple the capacity of fiber-optic cables to existing cell sites and add 2000 more cell sites as compared to the prior year.

Hope: Metcalfe’s Law →lex terrae →🤓🤖📈☁️🚀

Secretary Gina Raimondo


Investments in universal broadband from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will connect every American to live-saving telehealth, remote learning, and e-commerce.

It’s time to close the digital divide.

1:35 PM - 26 Nov 2021

2021: Communities, Correlation, and Causation2021: Communities, Correlation, and Causation

Recent press coverage in 2021 shows strong correlation in county level mapping of the digital divide. Basically, broadband gaps result from a lack of fiber-optic capacity that, in turn, stifles economic activity.


2022: Avoid past mistakes and anticipate future needs2022: Avoid past mistakes and anticipate future needs

Today, while our multicloud world isn’t entirely because of the iPhone, there are are some patterns that do indeed repeat. So, keep in mind that Alphabet / Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and even Meta / Facebook have all been busy laying undersea fiber-optic cables for years.


So, If you want to visualize $T investments… look no further.

Under the sea...Under the sea…

Amazing visualization of a Submarine Cable Map from TeleGeography. Last year the map captured 464 cables and 1245 landing stations.


And along came Infrapedia...And along came Infrapedia…

The Infrapedia app is very informative. Check out Infrapedia on GitHub too!


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