Fudge Sunday - Moving Out

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedThis week we take a look at take out capabilities of this newsletter.

Note: (2nd repeat) After a solid year using Revue for this newsletter, new formats will arrive in the coming weeks (and months) from a new provider after we migrate everything over.

Billy Joel - Movin’ Out (1978)

Getting Informed

First, blogging is a very recent medium from the early 1990s. In terms of the progression, blogging is a progression from a printing press analogy for the means of production that now includes publication and syndication of written content on the Internet across the World Wide Web.

Increasingly, blogging has taken on richer or denser forms of multimedia beyond simply words. From written words to deep links to more words or or audio or video or all of these – blogging can seem almost limitless as standards for multimedia expand to what are modern day podcasting, streaming, and whatever else comes next.

And yet, blogging can become undiscoverable behind a metaphorical wall be it a firewall or a paywall or a membership wall within a very deep web. Or, blogging can also become sequestered in a proprietary container that cannot easily be exported.

You oughta know by now 🎶

If you are self publishing you might also get into self hosting. After all, if you do not own the control plane it means you are subject to an editorial control plane.

When thinking about the editorial control plane, it is worth asking what would happen to your content if something changed. For example, the “change in control” clause is often buried in the terms and conditions or end user license agreement you probably clicked through without reading when electing to use a service.

Shot: Ted Gioia + Rick Beato = 🤯

This is more of a video experience than a written experience but hearing and seeing the conversation between creators across the YouTube and Substack mediums is worth the time investment.



Chaser: Twitter Newsletter (Revue) risk

Techmeme: Sources: Twitter is restructuring to focus on user growth and personalization, not Spaces, newsletters, and communities; source: edit button may come in 2022 (Bloomberg)



It seems such a waste of time 🎶

At this point, I mentioned in my last newsletter that things would be changing for the newsletter. So, I’m resolved to make that change.

I know! I’ll just ask Revue support for the link to export my newsletter content and………


Yeah. So, unfortunately, there is not an export function for the content that gets put into Revue.

If (when?) Revue becomes part of the collateral damage from “change in control” that would prompt a weeknight project to scrape Revue RSS feed back into fudge.org as blog posts with short(er) slugs and 301 redirects for the longer legacy Revue URLs.

Just writing this out makes me want to grab coffee and start that migration process experience now.

And remember…

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted” – Randy Pausch

Source: Randy Pausch Last Lecture (2007)

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I am linking to my disclosure.


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