Fudge Sunday - Razor Thin Margins of Error Bars

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedFun fact: On this day back in 2011, then EMC CEO Joe Tucci announced he would be stepping down later that year. A few weeks later, I also published the first of what would become ten yearly blog posts detailing my time at Acadia, VCE, EMC, Dell EMC, and Dell Technologies before joining Faction.

Last Week

MultiCloudWashing DetergentMultiCloudWashing Detergent

Last week, we examined cloudwashing through a multicloud lens as multicloudwashing. After more than a year since my last day with Dell Technologies it was interesting to look back on the challenges of category creation.


This Week

This week I’m going to try a new format. Why? My follower count on Twitter reached +2600 and my follower count on LinkedIn reached +3200.

Revue powers this newsletter and it is part of Twitter now. So, I’m not always sure when the “Twitter me” or the “LinkedIn me” is more interesting.

Welcome to the year 2021. I'm seeking validation via folks clicking Yes or No. 😂Welcome to the year 2021. I’m seeking validation via folks clicking Yes or No. 😂

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Now, let’s take a look at three links and the implications in the cloud ☁️, attestation🔐, and statistical journeys to here be dragons🐲.

Razor thin margin sharing is caring

TLDR = 20 points = expect a competitor

Reading about Google Cloud Platform matching Microsoft revenue share terms in their respective cloud marketplaces is fascinating. While competition-driven pricing is not new to public hyperscale cloud service providers, it’s interesting to see a non-AWS margins example.

As I’ve mentioned in my past blog posts, even egress fees will be driven to lower prices and eventually out of existence. It’s not a question of if but when these and other various fees normalize further.


Margins growth due to errors of attestation…


As with any emerging technology, becoming mainstream invites the maturity indicators. So, just as email had to deal with spam, the next chapter in the life of cloud computing is being written too.

The terrible teens may have arrived. Now, cryptomining spiked Docker containers are apparently ensnaring less sophisticated users into becoming unwitting cyrptominers.


1 to 4658 people walk into an error bar…

TLDR = Social Sharing In = Garbage Out

It may not be shocking to learn that a sponsored survey will attract those seeking a prize. What may be shocking to learn is how even a benign survey can be plucked from relative obscurity and amplified in unintended ways.

This is what happens when Boaty McBoatface decides to enter the realm of statistical methods. In reality, the implication is that brigading and backscatter techniques may eventually fuse into an amalgam of post slashdot / digg / reddit community clicks to become to niche influencer to hyper brand influencer driven distributed denial of service (aka VIP Denial of Service).


One last thing…

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