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by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedLast week I started the experiment with format and length. This week we will peek into the β€œdeep web” where a regular search engine cannot go.

Getting Informed

Slack might be the Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge but Slack communities are not being crawled and indexed by the big search engine companies (Google, Bing, etc). As a result, Slack communities are an example of the β€œdeep web”.

Also, newsletters like this one you are reading can be easily indexed and searched because the author (Hi!πŸ‘‹) and the service permit indexing and searching. However, not all newsletters permit open indexing and open searching by instituting paywalls or requiring authentication to view which is also an example of the β€œdeep web”.

By the way, β€œdeep web” is sometimes confused or conflated with β€œdark web”. Luckily, the acting duo that provided moving portrayals of Bill Preston and Ted Logan have produced a quick explainer.

The Deep Web Explained by Keanu Reeves on VimeoThe Deep Web Explained by Keanu Reeves on Vimeo

SaaS Trendspotting

This week I’m sharing my answer to a question posed in a β€œdeep web” Slack community that is not indexed or searchable on the open web (yet?).

Question: What do you read to keep up with trends in SaaS?

Answer: In no particular order…

Daily πŸ“–: Matt Rickard

Daily short form stream of thought and summary that can veer into SaaS topics or discussion of new SaaS companies.


Daily 🎧: Techmeme Ride Home

A daily 15 minute podcast from Techmeme.com with the day’s tech news headlines where you can listen for references to new SaaS companies.


Monday πŸ“–: Data Operations

A weekly post newsletter on sales operations, marketing operations, and customer operations that applies to what might come next in modern SaaS companies.


Wednesday πŸ“–: The Mad Ned Memo

A weekly post newsletter with three or four decades of historical perspective when learning about new SaaS companies.


Friday πŸ“–: the weekly bloom

A curated newsletter covering the best content on SaaS, VC and PE each Friday.


Sunday 🎧: The Cloudcast

Technically, there is also a Wednesday show in addition to the Sunday show but a great way to learn about new SaaS companies.


Periodic πŸ“–: Bottom Up

Longer form SaaS essays from David Sacks and sometimes guests likes Ethan Ruby.


Periodic πŸ“–πŸŽ§: A16Z Future

The latest articles, podcasts, essays and more from Future by Andreessen Horowitz (known as β€œa16z”) where you can learn about SaaS companies that might one day be eating the world as a service.


Ad Hoc πŸ”: Techmeme Search

Searching for β€œSaaS” in the blog posts, news stories and tweets that have appeared as headlines on Techmeme. Items listed only in the β€œMore” areas are excluded from results.



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