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by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedLast week I received more newsletter reader feedback (thank you). For the next few issues I will experiment with format and length. This week aims to be short, sweet, and informative.

Getting Informed

My recommendations this week:

  1. Service
  2. Podcast
  3. Children’s Book

Yes. You read that last one correctly.🤓



One of my Solutions responsibilities is supporting Technology to provide relevant stories and feedback on research topics from time to time. For example, in a RACI matrix where I am Consulted, my responses need to be timely an accurate.

Providing timely responses to Technology requires me to maintain industry relevant situational awareness. To maintain industry relevant situational awareness, I meet with experts in data science, data engineering, R&D, cloud practitioners, and technology subject matter experts from around the world.

In fact, I’ve had +130 such meetings as of this is newsletter issue. To schedule these +130 meetings required me to think differently about using technology for my professional networking.

If you read my blog you might recall my post on Thinking Remotely where I covered Lunchclub. Lunchclub is a service that makes introductions for 1:1 video meetings based on your interests, subject matter topics, and goals.

Curious? Use this invite: https://lunchclub.com/?invite_code=jayc11




PreSales CollectivePreSales Collective

Another of my Solutions responsibilities supporting Sales is to provide servant leadership to a global Sales Engineering (SE) team. Notably, the SE is who owns technical aspects of the sale from a deeper subject matter explanation to a compelling demonstration.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about what the SE or SE leader role is about and want to understand recent SE trends you might enjoy the stories shared in the PreSales Collective Podcast.


Children’s Book

Story Time: Understanding User StoriesStory Time: Understanding User Stories

Another of my Solutions responsibilities is to ensure Product Management is supplied with clear, crisp, and concise stories from the field that accurately capture the card, conversation, and confirmation. Being able to tell user stories and understand what makes a great user story is a perishable skill that requires practice, practice, and more practice.

Shout out to botany.io CEO Myron McMillin for sharing this amazing children’s book: “Story Time, Understanding User Stories”. Clever!



In recent newsletter issues this year I linked to coverage and shared trends of the semiconductors industry in And All Points In Between then Betting Odds and Ends Justify the Means of Production. This week I learned of a great panel discussion on semiconductors back in 2020 via Brain Food.

All about Semiconductors (2020)All about Semiconductors (2020)

The Knowledge Project tackles the topic of semiconductors. In just over an hour you get the origin story, impacts in modern society, analogies, lithography, numerical aperture, substrates, power, supply chain tactics, geopolitical dynamics, and the fascinating future of our increasing strategic dependency on the global and (growing) nearshore to onshore semiconductor industry.


BONUS: Just for fun

I just learned Revue can import Product Hunt. Check out Sticker Doodle!

Sticker DoodleSticker Doodle

Sticker Doodle lets you draw your own stickers for iMessage, Discord, and Slack. Very fun!



I am linking to my disclosure.


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