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by Jay Cuthrell
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A few days ago I reset almost all of my primary Twitter output since 2007.

First, I made archives to revisit some prior analysis.

Next, I started looking around on GitHub for inspiration.

Little Big Data

A few years ago I did a big data presentation. There was even a video of it. (Update: the video appears to be private as of 2022)

At the time, I had downloaded some R examples to run against my Twitter archives.

Why archives? I tweet(ed) a lot. So, the limitations on web access applied.

I included some of these references in the presentation.

Trends: @Qthrul

This time around I found another example using Python:


A few seconds later… this caught my eye for @Qthrul:

QthrulIt is clear that functionality arrived (retweet) and that I was interactive (replies).

Trends: @JayCuthrell and @JayAtDellEMC

But I had also created other Twitter accounts.

Let’s take a look at @JayCuthrell:

JayCuthrellLet’s take a look at @JayAtDellEMC:

JayAtDellEMCI’ll revisit this post as I come across more tools with good results.

Update for July 2022

Crypto Reply Spam on Twitter in 2022 got pretty annoying before the β€œcorrection”. YMMV.

Update for May to June 2023

And scene…

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 4.18.37 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 4.14.48 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 4.19.03 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 4.17.36 PM.png


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