Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

by Jay Cuthrell
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Getting Informed

A few months ago, I decided to buy YouTube Premium and I have been mashing that Subscribe button ever since. This week I am sharing some of what I found worthy of an hour or two of attention each week.

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People I know, places I go ๐ŸŽถ

Initially, justifying payment to YouTube Premium was mostly to avoid the annoyance of advertising. However, I now realize the experience is far superior to paying a bill for whatever passes as cable TV or streaming entertainment these days.

Oh, Boromir.Which makes me smile inside ๐ŸŽถ

Christina Warren and the team at GitHub provide me with an idea of what I might have missed and what I need to maintain my tech situational awareness. After all, GitHub has a community of ~60M users, so a lot goes on that anyone could miss.

Cassie Kozyrkov has put up 100+ episodes of Making Friends with Machine Learning. While youโ€™ll probably need more than one cup (pot?) of coffee, there are +6 hours of learning about machine learning just a click away.

Rawkode first caught my attention when I was watching for Equinix Metal (Packet) related live coding hands on videos. There are 100+ hands on videos on a variety of open source cloud native topics posted on everything from k8s fundamentals to DevSpace.

Stand-Up Maths is a guilty pleasure. Primarily, this channel reminds me just how little I know about the deep end of the pool that is mathematics.

3Blue1Brown has a similar appeal. It too reminds me that I should stay in the shallow part of the pool that is mathematics.

DevAsLife helps me understand the art of possible in developer experiences. Each video is a multidisciplinary example for the poetry of domain specific languages.

Sreenivas Bhattiprolu is the teacher I wish I had when I was studying materials science and engineering. By connecting practitioner essentials of coding, automation, and analysis thinking for real world applications, each episode offers a chance to grow professionally.

This has been just a few of the 50+ subscriptions I enjoy on YouTube Premium. Granted, I did consider a few more honorable mentions, but those will have to be in a future post.

Until next timeโ€ฆ place your bets!


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