Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

by Jay Cuthrell
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Getting Informed

A few months ago, I decided to buy YouTube Premium and I have been mashing that Subscribe button ever since. This week I am sharing some of what I found worthy of an hour or two of attention each week.

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People I know, places I go 🎢

Initially, justifying payment to YouTube Premium was mostly to avoid the annoyance of advertising. However, I now realize the experience is far superior to paying a bill for whatever passes as cable TV or streaming entertainment these days.

Oh, Boromir.Which makes me smile inside 🎢

Christina Warren and the team at GitHub provide me with an idea of what I might have missed and what I need to maintain my tech situational awareness. After all, GitHub has a community of ~60M users, so a lot goes on that anyone could miss.

Cassie Kozyrkov has put up 100+ episodes of Making Friends with Machine Learning. While you’ll probably need more than one cup (pot?) of coffee, there are +6 hours of learning about machine learning just a click away.

Rawkode first caught my attention when I was watching for Equinix Metal (Packet) related live coding hands on videos. There are 100+ hands on videos on a variety of open source cloud native topics posted on everything from k8s fundamentals to DevSpace.

Stand-Up Maths is a guilty pleasure. Primarily, this channel reminds me just how little I know about the deep end of the pool that is mathematics.

3Blue1Brown has a similar appeal. It too reminds me that I should stay in the shallow part of the pool that is mathematics.

DevAsLife helps me understand the art of possible in developer experiences. Each video is a multidisciplinary example for the poetry of domain specific languages.

Sreenivas Bhattiprolu is the teacher I wish I had when I was studying materials science and engineering. By connecting practitioner essentials of coding, automation, and analysis thinking for real world applications, each episode offers a chance to grow professionally.

This has been just a few of the 50+ subscriptions I enjoy on YouTube Premium. Granted, I did consider a few more honorable mentions, but those will have to be in a future post.

Until next time… place your bets!


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