Shock the Chaos Monkey

by Jay Cuthrell
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This week’s musical inspiration in title and lyrics:

This week we take a look at chaos engineering adoption within platform engineering teams.

Getting Informed

One could say that Murphy’s Law about _things that can go wrong_ is a precursor to chaos engineering. However, thinking and acting upon what might (will?) go wrong is just part of the discipline known as chaos engineering.

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You can ape the ape 🎶

In 2010, Netflix Engineering blogged about Chaos Monkey. Thirteen years later, chaos engineering has become part of the lexicon for platform engineering teams.

When an audience asks me about chaos engineering, I am reminded of a comedic analogy[1]. The comedic analogy helps provide an understanding of the need for planning that anticipates highly probable events that impact the performance or availability of elements in a system.

I also tend to ask the audience one question to frame the discussion:

How confident are you that your top SRE or top response team member or entire platform team could take an extended vacation where everything that could happen is something the rest of the remaining software development team can handle on their own?

Oh, the answers… so many answers.

Bottom line: Convergence of SDLC disciplines is ripe to enable progression to product engineering mindsets and product-led growth companies.

And the news is breaking 🎶

If you are having Fudge Sunday déjà vu — it is warranted. Chaos engineering was covered back in 2021 in Fudge Sunday #113 for several hyperscale public cloud service providers as the last issue of a five (5) part series on “Cloud in Public”.

So, what will be the next big thing in chaos engineering within platform teams?

Until then… Place your bets!


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  1. “We’re just covering contingencies, Tom. Look, you’re the one that wants to spend all winter in Barbados.” ↩︎


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