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This week we take a look at recent funding, mergers, and acquisitions related to platform engineering.

Getting Informed

Summer has arrived. This week, Fudge Sunday will be shorter than usual.

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Now let’s look at a few recent funding, mergers, and acquisitions that relate to platform engineering.

Ask yourself this question: Do you want to be rich 🎶

Machine learning operations (MLOps) has just a few references[1] in Fudge Sunday but it is reasonable to expect funding for MLOPs companies to increase in the coming years. So, congrats to the Striveworks team on their new funding!

You might recall several companies referenced in Do You Need the Service Catalog will see more funding in the coming years. So, congrats to the Cortex team on their recent round!

I’m looking for a partner, regardless of expense 🎶

Meanwhile, in addition to funding there have been a few mergers and acquisition activities — sometimes both. For now, I’ll briefly discuss a couple.

First, platform engineering isn’t limited to specific countries or regions — it is global. So, here’s to a warm welcome to the Agyla SAS team!

Second, platform engineering fuses multiple disciplines and technologies for the benefit of ongoing improvements in the developer experience. So, here is a double duty warm welcome to NS1 and hearty congrats to the NetBox Labs team on their funding!

So, what will be the next big thing in funding, mergers, and acquisitions related to platform engineering?

Until then… Place your bets!

Work Plug

As a reminder, after a +25 year walkabout, I’m an IBMer (again). For 2023, in “Work Plug”, I share a new link each week that is educational, accessible, and relevant to platform engineering from fellow IBMers[2] in the wider IBM Community.

Stay tuned!


I am linking to my disclosure.

  1. Everything Counts in Ops Amounts, Once in a Pipeline, and Summertime Pastness ↩︎

  2. Shout out to to David Adeyemi (again) ↩︎

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