You Get A Line and I'll Get A Poll Result

by Jay Cuthrell
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The Crawdad Song - Foggy Mountain Boys (1962)

Getting Informed

You might recall, I put a poll in the newsletter1 and on LinkedIn2 too. I also summarized the results over on LinkedIn Creator (aka Pulse)3 for good measure.

So, to recap, the setup and poll question was simple:


Imagine taking a poll in the year 2025…

From my newsletter…From my LinkedIn…My perspective was this: We only have 156 weeks left.

Let’s get to work — inventing What’s Next! 🤓

“Inventing the Future” by Dennis Gabor (1964)I heard the duck say to the drake 🎶

Meanwhile, a recent article from Protocol highlighted the importance cost optimization in the pursuit of AI and machine learning by reminding everyone that cloud is an operating model — not a place.4 Indeed, some have argued for disciplined repatriation but, as always, please do the math first.5

At the same time, math should govern most suitable placement decisions. Again, the edge to core to (public) cloud conversation should be data driven throughout the workload lifecycle and across the workload landscape itself.

There ain’t no crawdads in this lake 🎶

Next, expect more use cases6 at the edge in smaller spaces7 and far more places. Effectively, this is how the edge use case is becoming the use case at the edge.

[Twitter avatar for @cnxsoftCNX Software @cnxsoft52Pi DeskPi Super6C mini-ITX cluster board supports up to 6 #RaspberryPi CM4 modules interconnected over an Ethernet switch, 6 NVMe SSDs, features dual Gigabit Ethernet and dual HDMI. #distributedcomputing #kubernetes
cnx-software.comDeskPi Super6C mini-ITX board takes up to 6x Raspberry Pi CM4 modules - CNX SoftwareDeskPi Super6C mini-ITX cluster board supports up to six Raspberry Pi CM4 modules and six NVMe SSD to learned about distributed computing.]([10:09 AM ∙ Aug 24, 2022

26Likes11Retweets]( demand for data and analytics (not just AI/ML) will be found in many more places where data driven decision making becomes a cultural norm. And with all those new places handling new data too, new approaches to data security will have to match pace.

[Twitter avatar for @Gartner_incGartner @Gartner_incData and analytics are increasingly critical elements across nearly all industries and business functions 📈 Tune into our on-demand #webinar to explore 100 data & analytics-related strategic planning assumptions (SPAs) through to 2026: #GartnerDA Image]([2:31 PM ∙ Aug 25, 2022

18Likes5Retweets]( speaking of risks, should we keep egocentrism 8 on the board too?

[Twitter avatar for @Barnes_HankHank Barnes @Barnes_HankRandom Thoughts on Security, Egocentricism, Qualification, and More - Hank Barnes Image]([1:39 PM ∙ Aug 23, 2022]( Egocentrism Mitigation as a Service (EMaaS) will be on future hype curves?

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Data Security, 2022Until next time… place your bets!


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