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Van Halen ISO 9000

Jay Cuthrell
January 13th, 2013 · 1 min read

As I was saying previously about Branch content that means a lot less now…

(I don’t feel tardy…)

The Brown M&M’s

The flip side is that as software like parsing pervades all elements of life around us the Internet of Things will fast become the Internet of Verified Ordering of Things. Imagine that moment when there is a Siri that understands legalese or Google Goggles that can scan any contract verbiage and tell you to not to sign. Stepping into a car and having the dash tell you what is really wrong.

The Squelch Knob

Think back to the first time you installed a personal firewall product (think Zone Alarm) in the late 90s on a Windows machine. At first, there were superfluous warnings and alerts that might not mandate awareness or review but over time there was hardening and refinement. Today, you probably don’t even think about it — it all just works for the most part. Now, you just turn on a firewall and it gives you a more understandable risk impact assessment.

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