A Cold Shot and Chaser

by Jay Cuthrell
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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Cold Shot (1984)

Getting Informed

Regular readers will recall my shot and chaser format from prior issues. Essentially, the format is a callback to prior topics, links, etc. for an issue which is then compared to a more recent or current link for the week.

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Why? Previously, I’ve used the shot and chaser format to show how the prediction or topic turned out in the market.

But, while my shot and chaser examples oftenprove to be accurate — that’s not always the case. So, this week we’re going to look at one prescient and one possibly problematic where I’ve maybe been (comically?) incredibly inaccurate. 😬🤣

You showed your appreciation 🎶

I’m very optimistic about our future ubiquitous workload substrate.

As a matter of fact, I’ve used the phrase1 for ~10 years.2 3


data centers < information centers < knowledge centers < wisdom centers

Shot (August 2021)

A year ago my thinking was that the data center being everywhere meant the progress wasn’t the proliferation of things but the proliferation of means.

Beyond data there is a progression to seek meaning as information with a transformation of context into knowledge before it can be applied as wisdom. So, to be clear, up to now we’ve really been talking about data centers not information centers, knowledge centers, let alone wisdom centers.4

Chaser (July 2022)

Well, here’s to the journey from from data centers to wisdom centers.

Databand.ai is IBM’s fifth acquisition in 2022 as the company continues to bolster its hybrid cloud and AI skills and capabilities. IBM has acquired more than 25 companies since Arvind Krishna became CEO in April 2020.5

We’d better learn from that 🎶

Granted, it hasn’t been even a year, but back in February 2022, I mentioned how blockchain might help empower the proliferation and democratization of 5G infrastructure. I mentioned both FreedomFi and Helium.

Shot (February 2022)

I made note of FreedomFi and Helium… but my confidence level was hedged somewhere between intrigue and ngmi.6

Tune in within 3-5 years to see how this newsletter has aged.🤓🤔🤣

Chaser (July 2022)

Again, it’s only been a few months but… this Twitter thread is a sober, fair, if not brutal pushback on the “Web3 solves this” shilling meme. So, let’s see how it shakes out in 2.5 years?

[Twitter avatar for @lironLiron Shapira @liron.@helium, often cited as one of the best examples of a Web3 use case, has received $365M of investment led by @a16z.

Regular folks have also been convinced to spend $250M buying hotspot nodes, in hopes of earning passive income.

The result? Helium’s total revenue is $6.5k/month ImageImageImageImage](https://twitter.com/liron/status/1551738599254773765?s=20&t=Gw745mz2_mg_Sr7nEHfKlA)[1:18 AM ∙ Jul 26, 2022

15,172Likes2,171Retweets](https://twitter.com/liron/status/1551738599254773765?s=20&t=Gw745mz2_mg_Sr7nEHfKlA) But wait… there was even a Planet Money podcast reference to Helium as well.

And then there is this recent query of Techmeme coverage7 that puts the recent months story arc of Helium / Nova Labs into sobering perspective

And yet… am or will I be both wrong and right at the same time?

It turns out that Nova Labs has [checks notes] acquired FreedomFi.8

Until next time… Place your bets…


I am linking to my disclosure.

1Query: https://duckduckgo.com/?q="ubiquitous+workload+substrate"

2Read: https://fudge.org/archive/my-third-year-at-vce/

3Read: https://fudge.org/archive/augmented-reality/


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8Read: https://web.archive.org/web/20220818160310/https://freedomfi.com/press-release/


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