My Third Year at VCE

by Jay Cuthrell
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Next month I’ll reach my 3 year mark with VCE.

The VCE rocketship has only continued to accelerate since I jumped on board. I’m consistently amazed at what VCE has been able to accomplish in this short amount of time. There is still much work to do but I am happy and fortunate to be part of the team.

The vision from 2010 is the reality of 2013. Ubiquitous workload substrate and an everything just works data center world are not so much a destination but an ever advancing goal. Here’s to the vision of 2014 and beyond. Combinatorial optimization FTW!!!

To that end, VCE is launching the next generation of market leading true converged infrastructure solutions on September 17, 2013.

More, more, more

In the more category I am spending even more time in VCE Customer meetings with VCE Partners lately. This is on top of increased VCE cross functional team velocity. That means conversations with lots and lots of new VCE Customers and returning to meet with repeat VCE Customers.

Since my last timely post a few things have been consuming my time away from this blog.

Survey says: Buy a Vblock

What has been really great is seeing the wider audience of pundits, analysts, and the market realize that Vblock Systems from VCE are about accelerating the transformation that is taking place in the data center. In short β€” buy a Vblock.

Here is a sample of what I mean in their own words:

What I appreciated most about Vblocks was that I didn’t waste any time discussing storage, compute or network hardware. β€” SearchSDN

What makes this fascinating to me is I don’t know any other vendor that does this as aggressively. β€” Datamation

That VCE is making so strong an impact in so short a time is a testimony to the uncommon quality of both its Vblock solutions and its market approach. β€” ITTNA

With this new VCE partnership, we can now drop ship our private platform to customers and partners worldwide much faster so they can leverage its power and scalability to secure their IT infrastructures or those of their customers. β€” Qualys

Vblock has freed up time so they can put more effort and resources into custom applications and the things that are driving their business versus just keeping the lights on with infrastructure. β€” CRN

Our strong partnership with VCE helps to ensure that enterprises can achieve these efficiencies that come from cross-platform integration and automation in their cloud infrastructure. β€” BMC

Not only are EMC backup and recovery solutions pre-configured, pre-integrated, and pre-tested to work across all hardware and software components in the Vblock System, they also are built right into the VCE cabinetry with 10 Gig-E cable direct connects, so that setting up a secondary backup network is no longer necessary. β€” Cisco

It was a tall order, but by standardizing on the Vblock architecture and virtualizing applications our dedicated team of engineers and technicians were able to complete the initial Cloud Data Center build on schedule. β€” EMC

Native integration of VCE innovative converged infrastructure systems with VMware’s industry-leading management solutions will help our joint enterprise and service provider customers further simplify, automate and modernize management of their software-defined datacenter environments β€” VMware

A Vblock from VCE isn’t just a sum of its partsβ€”it’s a new way of implementing and supporting mission-critical infrastructure. […] The proof is in the customer base. VCE is currently enjoying a 70%+ reorder rate β€” ESG

RT @treylayton: Another #Vblock headed for a mission critical computing environment #VCE #Cisco #EMC

β€” VCE (@VCE) June 10, 2013

Kinda cool when your customers love your product #Vblock #VCE

β€” Trey Layton (@treylayton) May 2, 2013

Having fun installing a @VCE vBlock today. Lots of toys @CiscoGeeks would appreciate. 32 UCS blades going in for now

β€” Nick Zurku (@nzurku) September 6, 2013

Want to see how VCE serves our customers? Watch a short (82 seconds) video on our Customer Support. -> #Vblock

β€” VCE_Channel_Mktg (@VCEChannel) May 20, 2013

Instant Replay

Okay. Per my usual blogging style around here, below are a few helpful instructional videos I’ve collected from my recent months on the road πŸ˜‰


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