And for my next trick

by Jay Cuthrell
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Wayback machine: Red Hat badge for iXL

To: All Scient Global

Cc: [email protected]

Sent: 7/8/02 7:46 PM

Subject: And for my next trick. (farewell everyone)

Scient family,

3 years ago I joined a company called iXL. In doing so, I joined a small growing office in Raleigh that connected to a larger office in Charlotte that connected to the mothership that would rule the Internet and/or Earth.


Fast forward to today and I am the last person from what was the Carolinas. I’ve been working out of the NC office (see also: Jay’s House) for over a year now. That’s meant, travel!!! 😄

What a ride. Traveling for client projects has allowed me to experience:

  • Dry ribs and routers in Memphis
  • Flat beer and Red Hat Linux in RTP
  • Mongolian BBQ and Solaris in Charlotte
  • Free cheese and Geeks @ the Beach in Miami
  • Tuna steaks and J2EE vaporware in Denver
  • Rick James impersonators and SQL*Server issues in Columbus
  • Yak’s brain and S-MIME wizardry in Israel
  • Gnats and corporate plane ride “strategery” with CIO’s in Florida
  • Free Mexican buffet and HP Tech Symposium I in San Jose
  • Carson’s BBQ and HP-UX in Chicago
  • A single male’s Valentines Day and VoIP in NYC
  • Harold’s Deli and Weblogic in NJ
  • Girly man BBQ 😉 and working with gurus in Dallas
  • Free steak dinner and the HP Tech Symposium II in Tampa
  • Deja vu and DLT Robot autoloaders in Richmond
  • Enjoying Rio and PKI framework in Brazil
  • Pad Thai and Intel Online Services (oops) in DC

Today is my last day with Scient. It’s been extremely real - a truly amazing experience that I will always cherish. One thing is for certain, I’ve been very well fed.

Good luck, stay in touch and let me know if you ever visit Raleigh!

I’ll take you to Coopers for some -real- vinegar base BBQ. Vegetarians can enjoy the hush puppies and slaw. At the very least we can pass out from drinking obscenely sweet tea.

Best regards,


P.S. I’m joining a gym tomorrow 😉

Jay Cuthrell

Infrastructure Architect

Scient ®: Results come from experience™

[email protected]


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