Back to my consulting roots

by Jay Cuthrell
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After being a CTO since 2002 with NeoNova and Digitel the time has come to return to my consulting roots. I’ve had a great run as a technology leader with great people, great companies, and I’ve seen the beauty of rural America.

Having spent almost two years in Atlanta, GA I’ve re-relocated back to Research Triangle Park, NC in the East.  In addition, I have established a second office away from the office in Missoula, MT for trips to the West.

Cuthrell Consulting has engaged with several successful telecom companies and emerging technology firms that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over these past six years.

As you might imagine, I am also actively adding new clients that benefit from my expertise and strategic technology services.

Going forward, I’m going to be available at and will be updating content there in the coming weeks.


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