Cat Diapers

by Jay Cuthrell
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I was trying to figure out where cat poop goes. Yes, this is my life.

So, as I live in Raleigh I asked the waste folks (they have email) the question:

Subject: Pet fecal matter in Raleigh garbage?

XXXXX, I was reviewing the following information on and was trying to determine what to do with pet fecal matter. The following link was returned titled ”Garbage Preparation”. I see the following under what NOT to put in the garbage:

“Do not put these items in your garbage: … … Loose cat litter or animal waste (disposable diapers and animal litter should be free of fecal matter and enclosed in a plastic bag before placing in the garbage cart)”

So, if I am reading this right, one cannot put fecal matter in the garbage? Or, should I read this as fecal matter and cat litter should be separated?



I got a response in less than 12 hours and apparently, you can put diapers on cats!

Subject: RE: Pet fecal matter in Raleigh garbage?

Fecal matter should be removed from litter (or diapers) and flushed down the toilet where it is properly treated by the sewage plant. Thanks for asking.

I forgot to ask how to dispose of all the blood soaked bandages after putting the diaper on the cat.

Fast forward…

Tonight, as I go through Pet Smart I see this advertised:

“LitterLocker® gives cat lovers an odorless, hygienic, easy way to dispose of waste. Pet owners simply scoop and sift clumps in a regular litter box using the litter scoop included with the unit, open the lid and discard the waste in the LitterLocker® container.”

So, now I am wondering if people are secretly buying these and discarding pet waste in their regular garbage collection in Raleigh and thereby possibly breaking the law?

Here’s video footage that could be supplied to the authorities:

It also looks like there is an automated machine for breaking the law as well!

Where’s 20/20 when you need them?


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