Clean My Bookmarks

by Jay Cuthrell
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This week we take a look at the rise, fall, and rebirth of bookmarking services.

This week’s musical inspiration in title and lyrics:

Getting Informed

Bookmarks (or Favorites or Stars) are still a popular way to remember websites without reliance upon search engines that periodically gave rise to social-bookmarking sites. In fact, stars icons even made it to more niche social sites such as GitHub where you can sort by the number of bookmarks (favorites) in the form of stars.

I bookmark many things… but usually in a browser vs. a social-bookmarking site. Lately, I’ve become more clippings oriented as I drive more workflow into Obsidian.

Now it’s time for reading 📖, listening 🎧, and watching 📺 suggestions:

I’ve seen them fall, fast and steady 🎶

It’s been almost five (5!) years since the social-bookmarking site,, was shut down after being acquired by another social-bookmarking site, Pinboard.

But I keep falling when I’m higher 🎶

Two (2!) years have gone by since I first fell down the rabbit hole with Matter.

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to use Safari Bookmark or Reading List with every intention of going back and… it happens sometimes. Yet, even flirting with reader aggregation oriented apps, I still find myself abandoning the technique for more portable alternatives.

Over the next few issues of this newsletter there will be a formatting change.

  • After 100 songs it reached, I will drop the inclusion of Spotify play list updates
  • Work Plug section will be removed entirely next week (unless there is something I want to share) which should give me back 45 words for the 500-1000 words that readers tolerate 🤣
  • Workflow will be increasingly driven around Obsidian and automation
  • Embedded rich cards for URLs will likely shift from mikrolink (thank you!) to an alternative
  • I’ll try to wrap up all of these and any other changes in time for a Zettelkasten end of year for 2023

So, what will be the next big thing in bookmarking services?

Until then… Place your bets!


I am linking to my disclosure.



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