Fudge Sunday - And All Points In Between

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedA song, lyric, and tweets to connect it back to the edge, core, and cloud.

This issue is part 2 of a 5 part series

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  2. Fudge Sunday - And All Points In Between
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And all points in between

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago (From "Double Down Live - 1980")ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago (From “Double Down Live - 1980”)

Consider that there are still arguably millions of other data centers from privately held data centers to colocation data centers to specific niche hosting provider data centers. Also, there are clever essays on what if scenarios that challenge the notion of everything going public cloud on a long enough timeline and coming back, via a [checks notes] Trillion Dollars repatriation, home to the core.

Consolidation will continue of course, but not always in the direction that a biased pundit might think. Further, not all data centers will ever achieve a hyperscale size, but they will likely become advantaged through the full democratization of hyperscale techniques, tooling, and telemetry.

Ultimately, any belief that only ever larger data centers will be built around the planet to be owned and operated by a small capital enriched number of companies is simply not clear. However, what is clear as edge, core, and cloud requirements shift, is this: the distributed edge data centers are going to happen slowly then seem to appear all at once.

More importantly, localized data centers are probably going to increase, and this makes sense if you’ve ever thought about where data is being created – the edges of a network are far more interesting than sports stadium sized data centers that show up on satellite imagery.

One last thing…

In fact, if you are looking for something if your data just left Chicago bound for New Orleans you could ask around… but I might have a suggestion.

The Best Cloud-Hosting Services Around The World | Faction

Faction has cloud locations from Portland, Oregon to Chicago, Illinois to London, England to Sydney, Australia that provide customers with low costs and multi-cloud service without downtime. Contact Faction today to get started.


Jay Cuthrell


pass it on… https://t.co/vYz8vFQDDU

10:03 PM - 7 Jul 2021

The Associated Press


BREAKING: The Pentagon said it has canceled a cloud-computing contract with Microsoft that could eventually have been worth $10 billion and will instead pursue a deal with both Microsoft and Amazon. https://t.co/Xik6ll0nYd

12:44 PM - 6 Jul 2021

Tweets for the road…

Quote tweeting Techmeme meta summary is still one of my favorite pastimes

Jay Cuthrell


Future findings will likely call out increasing year over year organizational consumption of innovations across two or more public hyperscale cloud service providers as simultaneous spot preemptive arbitrage or workflow focused best in class worker workload alignment. #multicloud https://t.co/ulYXLuzDgY

2:51 PM - 3 Jul 2021



Gartner survey of public cloud services in 2020: AWS had $26.2B in revenue, up ~29% and a 41% share overall, followed by Azure with $12.7B in revenue, up ~60% (@jgreigj / ZDNet)


8:16 AM - 30 Jun 2021

Now, imagine a timeline of getting open grid or edge telemetry to enrich these data sets as I called out in the first issue of this five part series…

Jay Cuthrell


Back in 2015, we might have debated how spatial and temporal data markets could evolve with drone captured data companies, satellite captured data companies, and emerging ML/AI companies.

Now it’s likely the market will reward accretive combinations via M&A for all of the above. https://t.co/LsGfbi9oMU

9:14 PM - 7 Jul 2021



Planet Labs, which provides satellite imagery data analytics to 600+ customers, plans to go public via a SPAC merger at a post-deal equity value of $2.8B (@thesheetztweetz / CNBC)


8:36 PM - 7 Jul 2021

To get to that kind of reality will require increased fascination with all things related to fabrication…

Jay Cuthrell


Intel has invested ~$20B in New Mexico since 1980 which includes ~$3.5B in upgrades… this year.

TSMC will invest ~$12B in Arizona… this year.

GlobalFoundries will invest ~$2.5B in New York and Vermont… this year.

@USGov? $52B?

That’s pretty… wait for it… FABulous.🤓 https://t.co/GZ8DH3pCGu

9:59 PM - 7 Jul 2021



Inside a GlobalFoundries chipmaking plant in upstate NY, filled with $10B worth of machinery, detailing the three-month, 700-step chip manufacturing process (@jeannewhalen / Washington Post)


2:46 PM - 7 Jul 2021

Along the way, the companies associated with the future might look different than the ubiquitous incumbency but that’s okay too

Jay Cuthrell


This is what thinking beyond a headphone jack looks like. https://t.co/1gYQRg6qH1 https://t.co/MJMiAx5kmZ

10:30 PM - 8 Jul 2021

Where we find ourselves in a future data artisan economy (that is always on 24/7/365!) might be truly distributed – despite the best efforts of centralized incumbency that seeks to perpetuate the last industrial revolution by sequestering the workforce on a periodic basis

Jay Cuthrell


Anyone who has spent time studying new media firms raised on modern portfolio theory knows that much of the real action takes place in alpha generating opinion.
If you remain a talking head in a Zoom room, best of luck to office REITs seeking market cap gains from puff pieces. https://t.co/YJdTnPGtXJ

9:22 PM - 9 Jul 2021

Bloomberg Opinion


Anyone who has spent time in a satellite office knows that much of the real action takes place in HQ.

If you remain a talking head in a Zoom room while others are showing up in person, best of luck earning that next promotion or pay rise https://t.co/FufFTnAa5o https://t.co/aIFDlEu1Mw

12:55 PM - 8 Jul 2021

So as social becomes just media and media tries to become more social, it will be important to keep our collective sense of humor (if there can be one) by anchoring to the export of meme… or, if you will, ensuring access to the meme’s of production 😉

Jay Cuthrell


LinkedIn Creator Mode enabled… https://t.co/aJRBkwRcVD

9:41 PM - 5 Jul 2021


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