Fudge Sunday - Just Can't Get Enough

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedThis week we examine reading lists from 2019-2022.

Depeche Mode - Just Can’t Get Enough (1982)

Getting Informed

One of the first things I did to get ready for returning to longer form issues this month was to identify the source of inspiration. That inspiration turned out to be my much neglected Safari reading list – and it was far longer than I expected.

You might recall my Zettelkasten end of year favorites. Well, I moved from Linux back to Mac and back again – and that surfaced many Safari specific links I had squirreled away for future reading using the Safari Reading List feature.

When I searched for a recent bookmark in my Safari browser the activity prompted me to click on Safari Reading List. Oddly enough, after opening the Safari Reading List, I was reminded of my backlog of reading material in Matter.

Upon further review, I had somehow managed to amass 173 links in my Safari Reading List that I apparently had every intention of reading going all the way back to 2019. Eventually, this exercise led me to find other reading lists of sorts that I had forgotten about or perhaps I had tired of using the lists functionality after some minor experimentation.

I go out of my head 🎢

When I tried to recall the context for why I added a URL to my Safari Reading List it became very apparent that Safari Reading List functionality is less than ideal. By less than ideal I mean even less useful than making a native Safari bookmark organized in a topically named folder like β€œRead This Later For Reasons You Will Not Recall”.

For example, after exporting Safari Reading List via a helpful shortcut I had a mix of media and domains that I could easily sort and query.

  • 30 Hacker News threads (Why not Favorite in HN?)
  • 29 LinkedIn posts (Why not natively Save for later in LinkedIn?)
  • 4 YouTube videos (Why not natively Save to a playlist in YouTube?)
  • 3 Twitter statuses (Why not natively Bookmark in Twitter?)

The whole exercise – even after opening these links – was meme worthy.

My use of Safari Reading List functionality was an anti-pattern that left me asking...My use of Safari Reading List functionality was an anti-pattern that left me asking…

And when it rains 🎢

It occurred to me that I should review my natively saved or favorited links in Hacker News, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter too. That exercise showed I had duplicated efforts at some point in 2019 (or 2020) and should probably have created a punch list to deprecate use of duplicate approaches to saving URLs.

Some examples: (these work for anyone after authenticating)

Finding a few of these URLs also saved in Safari as a bookmark in a suitably named bookmark folder helped but only as a lowest common denominator. Cross reference of these URLs against Google Chrome bookmarks helped somewhat but thankfully my use of Mozilla Firefox bookmarks did not require yet another stare and compare exercise.

And I just can’t seem to get enough of 🎢

Coming full circle, I also learned my own creative requirements for this newsletter have transitioned since 2019. For example there are several kinds of integration options available for and within Revue but I stopped using them all after experimenting and becoming nonplussed with the stability or the outcomes.

Ultimately, what I’ve learned this week is that my own record keeping for URLs lacked efficiency in 2019 and my shift to Obsidian has been much more effective choice as a knowledge store. I also reinforced by belief that using a browser (Safari) linked directly to a single ecosystem (Apple) knowledge store is an opinionated choice with greater potential over time to lower knowledge management efficiency as just one of the ramifications.

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