Fudge Sunday - Oh What A Tangled Web3 We Weave

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedThis week is about Web3. The goal is to avoid taking a particular side or in any way represent investment advice about Web3.

I once opined on Twitter regarding web1, web2, and web3 as follows in response to Zoom considering advertising back on November 2, 2021:

Web1: No banner ads.

Web2: Sell banner ads.

Web3: Sell yourself as banner ads.

Perhaps Zoom will leverage their video filter ML/AI/AR by launching on persona advertising placement to the highest bidding brands.

“Bob. You’re serving @gucci looks, but you’re on mute.”

Set the mood

But before we get too far… here’s some music to set the mood.

No, I'm not giving you up... anytime soon...No, I’m not giving you up… anytime soon…

Set the scene

Oh what a tangled Web3 we weave when first we practice to DeFi something something” – William Shakespeare 2021 NFT as imagined after seeing this NFT 🤔

Rewinding a few weeks, this newsletter offered SaaS Trendspotting, Three recommendations walk into a bar…, as well as Twitter, Matter, and Data-Driven Journalism. Each issue provides context for looking in different places to start a journey of Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

June 15, 2021 - UniSwap Published

The folks at a16z publish “Decentralized Finance: What It Is, Why It Matters” to describe the permissionless and transparency of DeFi. The article is penned by Marvin Ammori, chief legal officer of Uniswap Labs.


June 20, 2021 - Fudge Sunday

A few months ago I published “Fudge Sunday - What I’ve been reading lately” where I included an ephemeral tweet on a16z launching future.com. In fact, you can see the metacommentary preserved by Techmeme.


Techmeme Predictions Leaderboard would be a popular niche hilarious service.Techmeme Predictions Leaderboard would be a popular niche hilarious service.

One of my many fleeting tweets and LOL at my avatar choice that week!One of my many fleeting tweets and LOL at my avatar choice that week!

September 3, 2021 - UniSwap News

News reports that the SEC has launched a probe into the developer behind Uniswap.


Oct 14, 2021 - UniSwap Hiring Comms

Uniswap brings on Hari Sevugan to lead communications.


November 20, 2021 - a16z future.com

The folks at a16z have curated multiple resources for those seeking to understand decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) which are far nicer and more interesting sounding things than crypto.


November 24, 2021 - @Stammy

Paul Stamatiou aka @Stammy has shared what I and others like a16z’s @cdixon believe are prescient thoughts on design challenges faced by crypto/Web3 today.


Getting Informed

This newsletter is not investment advice. I might dabble in Web3 things or I might not dabble in Web3 things.

Web3 is a polarizing topic across generations. In fact, I’m referring to Web3 instead of crypto because crypto- (hidden) gave way to cryptocurrency (hype) and there isn’t space to spill enough ink here to change the condition.

Things need to be built. Distraction delays progress.

I’m not giving up Web1 or Web2 and… that’s okay. You don’t have to either.

Some of my favorite Web1 things that take up room in my long term memory bank of a brain stopped working last month. Web1, Web2, and Web3 aren’t a contest or zero sum game.

I’m only suggesting that Web3 will increasingly be a reframed or repackaged way of avoiding references to crypto in describing what will be created in the coming years.

Looking for another phrasing zeitgeist prediction?

  • crypto ⛏ = NGMI
  • Web3 🏄 = WAGMI

Said another way, you’re more likely to remember a fun participatory phrase like surfing” 🏄 than “mining” ⛏ in the coming Web3 years to follow. As such, when Web3 finds the best possible word smithing, neologism, or analogy, we’re going to be participating in far greater numbers.

We just have’t had our Web3 Polly moment. Yet.

Surfs up! 🌊

Jay Cuthrell


Sometimes I find it helpful to remember back when the early web was considered “silly” in the early 1990s and referred to as the “world wide wait”.

Then broadband happened.

Then mobile happened.

Then this platform allowed us to learn about “silly” new things. https://t.co/LRpixWR6Hy

4:29 PM - 28 Nov 2021

So what comes after Web3?

If I was pressed to think out beyond Web3, it would be something like this:

Web 0: first-tinkerer advantage

Web 1: first-commerce advantage

Web 2: first-marketer advantage

Web 3: first-feudal barrons advantage <– we are here

Web 4: first-geopolitical domination advantage

Web 5: first-idealogical unification advantage

So, until next time. Be safe and be well out there as we enter the first of several Web3 years to come.


I am linking to my disclosure.


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