Fudge Sunday - The Turning

by Jay Cuthrell
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Start the week more informedThis week lists a few times my guesses were accurate (or got close).

Oasis - The Turning (Alternative Version #4) - Noel’s cut

Note: We’re taking Spring Break this month at Sunday Fudge. Expect a shorter format and we’ll be back to the longer format in May.

Getting Informed

Keeping up with a regular newsletter has been educational as well as challenging. In fact, some of the best examples of inspired productivity took place immediately after publishing on a Sunday evening.

While I won’t go as far as saying I actively seek opportunities for working in a callback, this issue of the newsletter will provide a chance to use the shot and chaser meme. Or, I will do my best to cherry pick where I got close enough to say I was probably onto something.

Mining our dreams for the same old song 🎶

One of the irritating aspects of writing a newsletter that goes out via email is as soon as you submit – – – you realize you made a spelling error or a grammatical error etc. of course. Luckily, the web version of the newsletter can be edited and corrected after the email campaign has completed.

So, for the next few links I will call back to a previous issue of the newsletter where I may have been close or somewhat accurate in my prediction of companies or technologies that had a successful outcome. And yes, this was also an excuse to go back and make some edits to problematic spelling and grammar along the way.

Let’s take an example or two and wrap this up with a read and a repo.

Shot: Pensando coverage (2021)

If you remember “What’s a Server?” August 2021 then you might recall the section on Pensando Systems after raising +$300M.



Chaser: Pensando acquired (2022)

A few months later… Pensando Systems will be acquired by AMD for ~$2B.



Shot: Multicloud March (2021)

In March I reflected on multicloud but waited until after April 1st 2021 to post it because the Internet. So, April 10, 2021 it was. I still maintain that my predictions in Social Telecom 2030 will eventually become true…

Cloud egress fees are the 2020s version of long distance charges from the 1990s.



Chaser: AWS Price Reductions (2022)

One step closer… On April 7, 2022 the AWS announced that customers will no longer incur an inter-AZ data transfer charge for sending data across availability zones for AWS PrivateLink, AWS Transit Gateway, and AWS Client VPN.



Recommended Read and Repo

2 Pre-Trained Models walk into a bar…

Google AI can explain basic jokes. Now, let that one sink in… Yes. The future is gonna be more lit than movies imagined.



Get your GreenOps game ready…

Cloud Carbon Footprint is a GreenOps tool to estimate energy use and carbon emissions from public cloud usage.



And one more thing… 🎶

I’m going to try spending more time noodling with music too.

GarageBand Riffs (2021-Present)

I’ll be publishing various GarageBand riffs.



GarageBand (2004-2006)

I’ve published my old GarageBand jingles.



4-track days (1988-1994)

I’ve published some older 4-track recordings too.




I am linking to my disclosure.


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