Fudge Sunday - Zettelkasten End of Year Favorites

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Start the week more informedThis week we take a look at my Zettelkasten end of year favorites. Enjoy!

Getting Informed

My approach to bookmarking started with hand editing HTML files in the mid 1990s. Sadly, link rot has not been kind over the past +25 years.🤣

More recently, I’ve been trying to refine my Zettlekasten with Google Keep, Zapier, Slack, Matter, GitHub, and Obsidian while sunsetting my use of Evernote. So, I’d like to share just a few of my favorite links that have inspired me over the past year and helped inform issues of this newsletter.

Obsidian and the Zettelkasten MethodObsidian and the Zettelkasten Method

When Martin Adams shared his approach to Zettelkasten method with Obsidian it inspired me to put in the effort to take smart(er) notes.


The cyclical convergence of technology and pedagogyThe cyclical convergence of technology and pedagogy

When Dr. Kurt Beyer shared this image of his future classroom setup at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Executive Education Program it inspired several newsletters this year where technology and pedagogy converged.


Home office aesthetic meets functional creator studioHome office aesthetic meets functional creator studio

When Chris Wahl shared his home office it inspired me to revisit my own studio setup and experiment with several refinements throughout the year.


Contemplating the Developer-Led LandscapeContemplating the Developer-Led Landscape

When Tyler Jewel compiled findings from 500 engagements it inspired me to begin using Matter to read Substack hosted newsletters.


One last thing…

Thank you for reading.

Writing has been immensely rewarding for me.

Shane Parrish


Writing is the process by which you realize what you think and what you understand are two different things.

8:15 AM - 28 Nov 2021

Work Plug!

As a reminder, I work at Faction. What’s Faction you ask?

Faction provides clientele with cloud data services across hyperscale providers to maximize innovation and multicloud outcomes.🤓☁️🚀

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Want to learn more? Here are some recent Faction related articles:

  1. Unlocking the Opportunities of Multi-Cloud by Travis Vigil
  2. Storage & Data Protection: A Multi-Cloud Strategy by Alyson Langon
  3. Myths of Multi-Cloud by Matt Wallace
  4. The Hidden Costs of Cyber Attacks by Mike Phelan
  5. Multi-Cloud data fabric use cases with CTOAdvisor
  6. Multi-Cloud technical overview with CTOAdvisor
  7. Multi-Cloud data security with CTOAdvisor
  8. Multi-Cloud data access with CTOAdvisor
  9. Multi-Cloud at VMWorld with CTOAdvisor


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