Generative AI Thru This

by Jay Cuthrell
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This week we take a look at Generative AI for platform engineering.

Getting Informed

If you’ve worked with me before then you might recall periodic emails/blogs on β€œWhat is Jay reading πŸ“–β€. This week, I’ll expand reading πŸ“– to listening 🎧 and watching πŸ“Ί.

These are just a few sources from the past month where I see a potential for convergence and Generative AI for platform engineering:

I close my eyes and it’s gone again 🎢

First, I remain bullish on the implications for forensic insights potentials of so-called big data and the convergence of platform engineering. Finding exhaustive productivity through inclusion of generative AI that augments in a human + machine partnership is the key.

Second, I believe that generative AI will be increasingly useful in getting started faster in more meaningful ways. Alliteration wise, said simply, this means syntactic sugar with scaffolding services suitable for solving or supplying a solution that has some semblance of sensible standards.

Third, I believe there are progressions ahead in domain-specific language (DSL) as a whole. We will find ourselves in a future with poets of, in, and for DSLs.

Fourth, these DSL poets will flourish. Perhaps one day, a prompt engineer will be the poet of essential abstractions for everything we once considered to be business as usual IT.

I’m gonna get through this 🎢

That said, I am certain someone somewhere is going to riff on β€œ4-hour work week” themes and publish β€œ4-prompt workweek” or similar… perhaps using generative AI based simulacrum based on a model of every major best-selling book of the personal productivity genre. Set a timer for when this concept becomes a SxSW Interactive panel β€” and if it hasn’t already been pitched, I just might.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 8.03.35 PM.png

Finally, a cautionary tale β€” online, a common acronym is IANAL (I am not a lawyer). Perhaps we should consider IANALLM (I am not a large language model) be added to the lexicon.[1]

So, what will be the next big thing in generative AI and platform engineering?

Until then… Place your bets!


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  1. Case 1:22-cv-01461-PKC Document 54 Filed 06/22/23
    πŸ€“ β†©οΈŽ


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