Las Vegas Lawsuits and Lyft

by Jay Cuthrell
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This week I made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas for Dell Technologies World and had the chance to take a lot of car services but none were via the sixteen (16) registered taxicab companies serving Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at ride-sharing in the city of sin and what is likely to be the future of getting around in just a few years.

The trend is lots and lots of red...The trend is lots and lots of red…

Trending Down

No matter what metric, the trends are all heading down for traditional taxi services in the Las Vegas area. From from the signage to the size of loading areas it was clear this week that transportation network companies (TNCs) were disrupting taxis at every turn.

2019 - Ride-share use rising. Taxi usage plummets – Share

Disruption will arrive in the form of a sedate sedan.

a0ee80fa65152072bf86ea6c4b6d10eeBrief Interruptions

It was only a few years ago that lawsuits and threats were the last refuge of the taxi companies. Time and technology was not on the side of the taxis.

2014 - Potential roadblocks and market realities – Share

Just a few years ago, the primary coverage highlighted all the challenges and ignored the inevitable erosion of established market share.

During the early years of TNC arrival in Las Vegas, the only option for Uber pickup at the airport was as follows:

  1. stand in line for the the rental car bus
  2. take the bus to the rental car center
  3. upon exiting the bus walk a block
  4. cross the intersection to the gas station
  5. summon an Uber (and hope)
  6. hopefully find shade at the gas station while you wait

2015 - Licensing of ride-sharing drivers – Share

The battle for access to McCarran International Airport is now just a footnote in history.

The days of a complete geo location blocking screen for summoning an Uber is left to the history of those that saved screenshots.

Need a Lyft?

2019 - Some things never change – Share

C.R.E.A.M. is real. Get that hustle.

The other interesting finding on this trip is just how dominant Lyft seems to have become in Las Vegas. Almost all my rides during the week were Lyft. In fact, if you want a referral code – For $15 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link:


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