Me and My POSSE

by Jay Cuthrell
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Rivers Cuomo - Me and My Posse (2020)

Getting Informed

First, you might recall my shot and chaser format from prior issues. Essentially, I call back to a prior reference in an issue with a current link to how the prediction or topic turned out in the market.

Shot: IQT Day = Dell Technologies Analyst Event (2017)

The setting was late 2017 — a year after $67B worth of successful concurrent nested mergers and acquisitions. On our latest work badges was Dell Technologies after having Dell EMC, EMC, VCE (VMware, Cisco, EMC), and Acadia badges dating back to 2010.

On October 10, 2017 an analyst event for Dell Technologies combined the notion of human intelligence quotient (IQ) and Internet of Things (IoT) as an IQT Day. Somehow, I was lucky enough to attend IQT Day with Dell Technologies leaders, industry experts, industry pundits, and peers.

Twitter avatar for @PatrickMoorheadPatrick Moorhead #CiscoLive @PatrickMoorhead.@MichaelDell kicks off #IQTday talking about @DellTech IoT, edge and ML vision. [3:14 PM ∙ Oct 10, 2017


“Soon there will be a perfect digital mirror of our world with every object streaming information…” — Michael Dell 1

One prediction Michael Dell made on stage at IQT Day was we would soon have IoT processors costing fractions of a cent. These processors would be building blocks to the future world shared at IQT Day.

Chaser: IGZO = Sub $0.01 High-Yield Processors (2022)

Five years later… Michael Dell’s “soon” is closer at hand.

At left a circle with repeated texture. At right, a textured square with sections of different sizes in different colors, with the labels "ALU," "PC and Branch Logic," "Datapath," and "Internal Data Memory."Now, a 4-bit microcontroller for less than $0.01 using thin-film semiconductor processes with indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) on bendable plastic is possible.


So, we are at the art of possible. What’s next? The rest of “the ibles and the ables”.

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I’m stating up front that even after moving from my prior platform, Revue (Twitter), to my newest platform, Substack — the journey is not over. So, the following definitions apply for the acronyms POSSE, AOYP, and RYO:

POSSE (2016)

POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, the practice of posting content on your own site first, then publishing copies or sharing links to third parties (like social media silos) with original post links to provide viewers a path to directly interacting with your content.


I’ve tried to keep my long lived content on my own site. Typically that site is my blog ( or linked on my personal website (

While I don’t use Facebook, when I do share links I try to make sure that Twitter Card Validator and LinkedIn Post Inspector results are rendering an acceptable card or rich embed result. Often, experimenting with oEmbed can result in poor choices that become durable cache results but this practice becomes safer by appending the URI with an incrementing value such as /?test=1.

AOYP (2019)

When possible, always own your platform.

I refuse to display meta data for other platforms. Nope. Not doing it. Always own your platform.


Presently, I’m still using Linode for my older web experiments, redirects, containers, tailscale, etc. that require a VPS experience. Otherwise, for my content that can be rendered from my GitHub repositories via headless CMS, I opt for Netlify to host my personal website and Gatsby Cloud to host my blog.

RYO (2019)

Watching Twitter mergers and acquisitions over the years gave me confidence to use Revue until I ran out of steam on the first attempt to write regularly. However, the recent possibility of “change in control” gave me pause for continued use of Revue now that I have been writing more regularly.

Oddly enough, leaving Revue took almost 2 years after I realized the need to have a backup strategy for my content that might become sequestered. Indeed, the key is to understand where I happen to currently find utility, convenience, or expediency as a service but never rely upon that service as a means for backup strategy for my content.

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I’m still experimenting with this section but readers seem to click on these links a lot.

Read: SFF by John Cutler

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