by Jay Cuthrell
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Kate Bush - Cloudbusting (1985) and may the samples live on for years to come.1

Getting Informed

I’ve been deeply immersed in multicloud pursuits for 566 days2 and by gathering facts, I developed a few opinions. I now believe that in a few more years, multicloud becomes popularized, supercloud becomes revivified, and ubiquitous workload substrate becomes a reality.

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First, let’s see where trends peaked as topics. For the trend of supercloud, we revisit the “Supercloud” related work out of Cornell circa 2015-2016.3

Next, let’s get a quote from Dave Vellante, Chief Analyst at The Wikibon Project who published a “Rise of the Supercloud” post that was jam packed with compelling charts and strong opinions in late 2021 (emphasis mine).

Supercloud is an architecture that taps the underlying services & primitives of hyperscale clouds to deliver additional value above and beyond what’s available from the public cloud provider. A supercloud delivers capabilities through software, consumed as services; and can run on a single hyperscale cloud or span multiple clouds.4

Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen 🎶

At present, there are a few facts that come to mind on what is happening and what is going to happen.

  • GCP is expanding region coverage to places like Dallas TX USA.5
  • Azure is expanding region coverage to places like Doha Qatar.6
  • AWS Local Zones and Outpost availability is expanding to places like Panama.7
  • 29% CAGR for public cloud revenue puts a path to ~$1T revenue in perspective.8
  • Companies like Observe build on Snowflake which builds on public clouds.9
  • And a contrarian point… 🤔 guy that shorted has a new thesis.10

Also, there are many places that are population centers and where things are made. So, supercloud could make sense for workloads that take advantage of access of eventual ubiquity and leverage the new digital highways (5G) being built as well.

TeleGeography’s Cloud Infrastructure MapNow, let’s get a take on supercloud from early 2022.

[Twitter avatar for @CTOAdvisorKeith Townsend @CTOAdvisorIs VMware in the pole position to provide #SuperCloud via Cross-Cloud Services, or is this a job better suited for @HashiCorp?

@dvellante @sarbjeetjohal @CareAndKickButt @ballen_clt @dhinchcliffe]( [4:03 PM ∙ Jan 26, 2022

17Likes5Retweets](, let’s get a take on multicloud near the midpoint of 2022.

[Twitter avatar for @theCUBEtheCUBE @theCUBEDave Vellante examines Dell’s push to deliver a “Super Cloud” to customers.
@dvellante @furrier @LisaMartinTV @theCUBE #DellTechWorld #theCUBE #EnterpriseTech #supercloud #multicloud #edge]( [8:01 PM ∙ May 3, 2022

5Likes1Retweet]( But just saying it could even make it happen 🎶

Looking back, 20 years have passed since I last attended HP related technology conferences. But last week, I was fortunate to attend HPE Discover in the times of multicloud and supercloud almost 12+ years after I first wrote about ubiquitous workload substrate when I joined Acadia/VCE.

So, finally, please enjoy this quick 60 second video clip from HPE Discover via theCube where Dave Vellante’s supercloud meets Antonio Neri’s substrate!

Place your bets!

Dave and Antonio riffing on superscloud and substrate (2023)


I am linking to my disclosure.

1It was the freshest move I’ve ever seen – like he was floating on air – I’ve never seen anything like it in my life i.e. Click here to relive 2008-2009

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4Read: Breaking Analysis: Rise of the Supercloud David Vellante BY DAVID VELLANTE DECEMBER 7 2021

5Read: Google Cloud Region now available in Dallas TX USA

6Read: Microsoft’s Qatar Azure region to launch ‘in two weeks’

7Read: AWS Outposts rack in Panama

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10Read: Hedge fund manager bets against data centers


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