Tel Aviv Traceroute

by Jay Cuthrell
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Greetings from Tel Aviv. My body says it is noon. Everyone else here says it is 7 hours later.

The flight sucked so much it isn’t funny. First, all my connects are late, then I get to the ticketing counter and they tell me they are overbooked and since I am late to check in they gave away my seat.

I did much protesting and turned on the charm. Okay, so I asked a manager for help, many many many hours later I am off the ground at JFK (delays) and headed to Tel Aviv. Boy, that trans atlantic food just gets better and better every time.

I have taken pics with my old camera since I couldn’t bear losing the Nikon to random mishap. My room is facing the sea. The sunset tonight was simply gorgeous. This place reminds me so much of Huntington Beach. The only difference is that everyone talks Hebrew and the buildings look like post-shell shock era.

Oh, I am doing this from a magic port in the hotel room of another person here with me in the same hotel. I say magic because you dial out and it just ”knows”. You don’t change any settings for your regular dialup. Freaky. Here is the back to my home page:

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:
1 120 ms 121 ms 115 ms []
2 114 ms 120 ms 130 ms []
3 154 ms 164 ms 165 ms
4 189 ms 153 ms 170 ms []
5 998 ms 1015 ms 1004 ms []
6 838 ms 911 ms 866 ms []
7 983 ms 1059 ms 1009 ms []
8 1052 ms 1097 ms 1031 ms []
9 1097 ms 1059 ms 992 ms []
10 1115 ms 1058 ms 1114 ms []
11 1074 ms 1054 ms 1086 ms []
12 1047 ms 946 ms * []
13 1019 ms 982 ms 1004 ms
14 1090 ms 1090 ms 1032 ms []

Time to find good local food and chill. πŸ˜„


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