Thanks Again in 2023

by Jay Cuthrell
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Getting Informed

One of my goals before the next newsletter is to tag for 200+ posts. I’ll probably try out spaCy, yake and KeyBERT.

Newsletters that I read come from various origins and I’ve noticed a downturn in embedded links to Twitter/X in recent months but (so far) I haven’t seen links from Bluesky, Threads, or Mastodon rising either. So far, I read newsletters that originate on wordpress, substack, buttondown, and good old fashioned hand rolled email lists.

At least in the reading of newsletters I subscribe to, the change in links composition to favor other primary sources over social profile shared sources is interesting as an anecdotal footnote. I have no hard data to share on this topic yet — but the pattern seems to be there.

One possibility is how difficult or precarious it might be to attempt linking or embedding for socially shared content from Twitter/X. For example, it is not outside the realm of possibility that even a tweet from a few years ago, let alone a few days ago, might not always appear reliably as a rich media embedded option – leaving only screenshots and hope as an alternative to preserve a reference.

Of course, Twitter/X is not the only possible new deep web. Arguably with the growth of Discord, there are ever growing parts of the deep web.

Further, if one considers the murky origins for training of various commercial large language models (LLMs) in existence today, legal decisions might drive the open access to deep web content to be an increasingly monetary transaction. Perhaps the monetary approach to training LLMs will also lead to end user payments for gross monetization of their contributions to those bodies of knowledge.

Thank you to anyone reading this far in 2023. This week, I’ve reached the point where I’m reading ~60 newsletters.

Sometimes there are links that occur across newsletters that were likely due to the Techmeme nature of social sharing. This week, I’m sharing links that I did not find elsewhere and providing the source.

Oh, and if you like the link, please consider subscribing to the source directly.





So, what will be the next big thing in social sharing, deep web, and LLMs training monetization?

Until then… Place your bets!


I am linking to my disclosure.


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