The Fudge FAQ

by Jay Cuthrell
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People often ask me “Why Qthrul? Why fudge?”

Well, my last name has been slaughtered by many people in an attempt to master the correct pronunciation which is Fooonafoonapingere. Okay, maybe not, it is like the word qthrul reads: Q - Thrul.

As a result cooterell, cuthrill (try living up to this one), cutterell coochie cooter and a slew of other such bastardizations have come into being since my last name isn’t all that common. Well, until I got online and search engines went to work.

Okay now for fudge, yes I know, kinda weird for a nickname or even a login name or whatever. It all started with MUDs (actually chatters) based back in the days of MegaDiner when boxes were things one would telnet to remember those days? (try this with NT4.0 for real fun)

Anyhow, I chose the nick “fudge” since I am sinfully sweet and rich. Maybe not, but I am an engineer and most good engineering involves some sorta “fudge” factor. So now you know, I am Jay “something witty inserted here” Cooterell, Inc. and my home is fudge.

Oh, the Jay “something witty inserted here” Cooterell, Inc. comes from my USENET posts. I try to always sign off with it.

And I am fudge as well, you getting all this?

If you know me at all online you know I detest single periods, ellipsis is my tool of flow and I use it quite liberally.

So, welcome to my HTML-ized world of controlled image leaching that I call my home page.

There are a few things about me, pics of me and others I know, love and/or happened to be nearby when a camera was handy. My random thoughts that are even more randomly added to, some nifty art stuff that considering I am not an artist. I am kinda proud of, actually I do glean your IP or hostname so, and links to those I know, love and/or think are cool enough to justify a link in this massively threaded world that HTTP makes possible. So far we have come from the days of Mosaic and Lynx.

If you are from N.C. please note that I am from North Carolina and I always like to hear from people that have been here or left here screaming.

If you use ICQ or Mirabilis I am 1351835 at work and 4663668 at home. On AIM or AOL Instant Messenger or Oscar for the ole school types I am on as qthrul.

If you are on CU-SeeMe much look for me. If you are on iVisit don’t be offended if you get a “Busy Now”. Yes, I am Fudge on there too. On IRC you might find me or not since I never got sucked into that scene.

If you don’t see me it is because I am still there only hiding from you so that I can finish knitting you a sweater.


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