Private Clouds Ahead

by Jay Cuthrell
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I have an announcement to make…

I have accepted a position with Acadia.

AcadiaMy new title is Principal Technology Consultant.

In my new role, I’ll be helping companies realize and harness the full potential of private cloud solutions.

At this point you might be asking, well, several things… so let’s start with a F.A.Q.

OMG! Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?!?!?!?!!!

Team Edward Jacob TreyGreat question! Twilight fans will be happy to know that I’ll be reporting to Trey Layton, Sr. Director Worldwide Solution Architects at VCE / Acadia.  Team Trey will be pulling out all the stops to help customers design and implement technologies using the Vblock portfolio from VMware, Cisco & EMC.

I’m still based in Research Triangle Park, NC and Missoula, MT but anyone that knows my background also knows you can find me on the road traveling for customers and industry events. Of course, when I am back in the Triangle area I expect to get lots of quality stick time on the amazing environments here in the new Raleigh, NC office where Team Jonathan (Jonathan Donaldson) drives vertical solutions on the Vblock architecture and performs customer facing engagements.

Why join forces with VCE / Acadia?

I’m going to be perfectly frank. I think Vblock architecture rocks. Oh, you wanted more? Well, as you may know, I have an affinity for startups, service providers, and investment groups.  Previously, I’ve been a CTO, VP, GM, Infrastructure Architect, and most recently an independent consultant with my own consulting practice. During my career I’ve been arm in arm with service providers as their data centers have evolved and I’ve also been the service provider experiencing that evolution first hand. Having sat on both sides of the table, this is an exciting time for me.

What caused you to make this move?

Of course, I’d known about Acadia and I’d known about VCE for a while. I had formed some early opinions… lots of opinions.  I did my research.  I attended conferences. I talked shop with my trusted peers. I met and spoke with folks within the VCE / Acadia organization. Then I made my move.

Side note: You’d be amazed at how effective blaring Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” from the parking lot under an executive briefing area can be.

vAnythingOne last interesting factoid: As it turns out, I am often updating CrunchBase with new companies I come across in my travels here and there (I’m still the top non-TC contributor as of this blog post btw… flex).  One of those bold new ventures I came across was VCE / Acadia.  The competitive leader board side of me realized that there wasn’t an entry for Acadia in Crunchbase. So, I fixed that.

Why get involved with private cloud now?

Gartner says…

Gartner SaysAre you hiring?

Yes! vSuperheroes in the house! Acadia is growing a number of teams. You’ll want to start by reviewing this entry from Chad Sakac since it… well, you’ll just have to read it! Enjoy! There are many ways to contact me but reach out to me via Linkedin if you see a fit and I will do my best to route you to the right channels. BTW, please be on the lookout for the new vSpecialist Christmas Album on DVD and Blu-ray!

Where should Cuthrell Consulting, LLC service provider and infrastructure clients go now?

I’m still here and now you have a trusted advisor within Acadia. Let’s chat!

What about the other guest blog and writing you do elsewhere?

I’m hopeful my time management skills will permit me to reach out on subjects I’m known for writing about beyond I am extremely grateful to the folks at Telecompetitor and ReadWriteWeb for giving me amazing platforms and the opportunity to share my views on a wide variety of topics. In short, I hope to continue my contributions as time permits and demand dictates.

Does this mean becomes a corporately controlled blog?

Nope. I’ll be updating my disclosure statement to be less terse and adding some pertinent boilerplate which will make it even more boring. Again, this blog will always be 100% USDA certified Jay Cuthrell aka @qthrul. I’ll be writing about things I care about. That won’t ever change. Hey, maybe Friday Fudge will come back into regular circulation again. We shall see.

Speaking of @qthrul… Does this mean @qthrul on Twitter becomes a corporately controlled Twitter account?

Nope. I’ll be updating my bio line for @qthrul to reflect pretty much whatever fits into a form element. “I fill out web forms” has served me well so far. Due to the nature of how Twitter functions as a connected API accessible medium, I can only say that my tweets will always be 99.999% USDA certified Jay Cuthrell. One of my favorite replies on Twitter has to be (parphrased) “Jay, I understand about 1 out of every 7 things you tweet”. It’s a good bet my tweets will be as geeky and random as ever. Twitter is a limited engagement medium of course so the longer format of blogs and extraneous append/edit models of Google Buzz are better for protracted discussion.

Thus concludes the F.A.Q. portion of this post.

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