Security on the Agenda

by Jay Cuthrell
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This week is a look at the placement of security topics on conference agendas. Does security always come last?

Getting Informed

Inspiration for this post comes from just over a year ago when I wrote about Reflections on the Rise of Modern Science. As the Bath poets said, “funny how time flies”…

I was looking back at my speaking events over the years and remembered the curious nature of a security topic always being the last thing on the agenda. Comically or tragically, agendas sometimes went over the allotted time limits and it was almost as if security topics were the “Matt Damon” of agendas.

In all likelihood, if you are reading this then you have probably read or experienced phrasing such as “security is everyone’s job” while simultaneously wrestling with the perception that security is a barrier to innovation. However, even if you are a technology practitioner working in a product-led growth (PLG) culture company that has built a software developer paradise that prizes developer productivity and happiness — there are going to be passing references to security.

Some data has security or privacy restrictions. You need to work with the appropriate people inside the company to determine how this data is supposed to be treated.
Source: The LinkedIn DPH Framework — Data Collection Principles

Let’s consider a massive multi-disciplinary conference often referred to as nerd spring break: South by Southwest (SxSW). As it is only 40 days until SxSW 2024 begins, it is worth looking at how such a diverse menu of nine (9!) days of event programming places security on the agenda.

Security Topics at SxSW

Initially, I was a bit shocked to see so many SxSW 2024 programming events that have the word “security” in the title and abstract. Here is a sample of events that caught my eye.



Deus Ex Machina

Travel Note for SxSW 2024

Speaking of SxSW 2024, I’m going.

Will you be at SxSW 2024 too?

If so – let’s catch up in the real world.

I’m also publishing my SxSW 2024 schedule picks (so far).


Reading Suggestions

After reviewing my post length word count lately, I’m taking this post closer to 500 words territory. To keep it brief, I sign off by recommending these other posts and newsletters:

So, what will be the next big security position change in conference agendas?

Until then… Place your bets!


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